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Founder of Good Design Changes Everything, Boysen Hodgson

Boysen Hodgson

Good Design Changes Everything arose from my own beliefs about what the world most needs right now.

Throughout history the largest changes in human societies have arisen out of design. The Printing Press, The Constitutional Democracy, the Sistine Chapel, Roman Highways.

I think we need more good design in the world – not just of things, but of ways of being, transformational thinking and cultural frameworks. If I can help move the conversation forward in the smallest of ways – I am IN.

I believe that design matters – and I think that every choice is an act of design. I don’t always make good choices, but my full intention is to keep making choices that move me toward a designed life that I love, that helps others, and that betters the planet.

I do multiple types of design. In my days I design businesses and web sites and logos and collateral and conferences and workshops and exercises. You can hire me to do any of these things through my company, H2O Marketing, Inc. I also assist in the design of personal transformations through my work with men in facilitated groups called iGroups, the working groups of the ManKind Project, a 25 year old not for profit men’s training organization. I would be happy to share my experience of this work with you as well. If you want to visit a men’s circle in western Massachusetts, contact me. boysen[@]h2-om.com. Why don’t I work with women? Well, I would be happy to! And I believe that right now the world desperately needs conscious, compassionate and activated men to step up to the plate and create more effective partnerships with each other and with women to do the radically urgent work of rescuing our communities and our planet from the ravages of the last 200 years of short term benefit over long term consequences and profit before people.

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Boysen Hodgson
H2O Marketing, Inc.