First – I agree.
I agree that there is no place for violent protests or destruction of property. The violence that happened on inauguration day 2017 was carried out by fringe groups – a TINY percentage of the protests that happened. That is their tactic. I strongly disagree with it and support arrest and conviction. I am not an anarchist or violent – nor are over 99% of the people protesting in the last two days. I also oppose the militarization of our police force and the use of tear-gas and pepper spray against protestors.
Read the news from January 21, 2017 – over 3 MILLION people marched around the world in support of civil rights, inclusive society, social justice, and FREEDOM. Your freedom as well as mine. There were TWO arrests. We use our freedoms to express our opinion. My experience, and it seems the experiences of so many others, was inclusive, celebratory, welcoming, humorous, committed, affirming interconnection. 
I have and will continue to judge Trump by his speech and his actions: the choices he’s made for his cabinet, the tone of his rhetoric, his constant seeking for affirmation or competition, his disregard of basic verifiable truth – these are not choices I support or will quietly accept. I’m not whining because ‘my side’ lost. I am taking action to promote what I want to see in the world. Just as I do in my work, my family, my community.
His choice of cabinet members demonstrates a commitment to continuing to enrich the very very top 1% of our society, and continuing to isolate and scapegoat the least among us, disregarding the health of our people and the future of our environment, privatizing and deregulating public health and education. So much more.
Though he talks about making America ‘great,’ the question is FOR WHOM? If you are a white working class American family, it’s not for you. It’s not for me. He has already taken actions that will threaten your access to health care, education, and the health of your children and grandchildren. 
History has no reverse. There is no going back. The tide of globalization of resources and economies will not end. The move toward global village will not stop. It will be painful and difficult and will require sacrifice. For many of us, it will require a shift in our standard of living and a rethinking of what is ‘normal.’ The tide of multicultural, multiethnic society is here, it’s not going to go away. ‘America First’ has always been a nationalistic call to push back against the inevitable flow of history. America does not exist outside its connection to the rest of the world. That will never change. There is no way to isolate ourselves. We are not independent. We are globally interdependent. We need to figure out how to coexist and support the basic needs of life for all.
This is my opinion and belief. There are other ways to believe. When I look at the actions of Trump and his choices, I see something else. I see decisions that seek to protect and guard the survival of a very small percentage of the population, benefiting the most wealthy and powerful at the expense of the majority of humans on the planet. At the same time, he must continue to offer the appearance of opportunity, the illusion of freedom and wealth for all. I assume that he knows that many of the claims and promises he makes are in opposition to what the best thinkers in the world know to be true. We are not going back to coal. We are not going to be the global manufacturing power we used to be. Decreasing regulations for the environment is going to cause more pain and suffering. At a much more basic level … there are not enough living wage jobs in the US even now to support the whole population. We are moving toward some kind of new economy, and right now we are in the midst of the not-knowing what it will be. Here’s a take from someone I respect.
The millions who marched yesterday ARE fighting for you. Whether you like it or not – those marchers – me among them – are fighting for YOUR freedoms – for better banking systems, for economic opportunity, for universal health care, for better education, for the future of our planet. My invitation to you is to think about their future and the future world we will leave to them.
And if you’ve read this far. How can I support you in becoming an engaged citizen, using the power of your vote?