Here is something to consider – planting food is the most radical act of change and protest that you can take in an age of pure consumption. To produce the basic necessities of life, in your own space, liberates a very old archetypal pathway in the human soul – AUTONOMY. There are few things in our modern culture that we actually control or have autonomy over. Many of the things that are associated with freedom in this cultural decline are actually the symbols of our slavery to cheap energy. The car, the cell phone, even this computer that I am writing on … if the access to cheap power in the form of gasoline or coal powered electricity were to go away today – my illusion of freedom would very rapidly vanish and I would see immediately how dependent I actually am on things over which I have absolutely no power.

So here is a story about people taking the radical step to take back their lives. – the official site of the Dervaes family.