The foundations of moral behavior and the creation and maintenance of civil society relies on having multiple viewpoints integrated and adapted to meet the needs of the society. I am a progressive – no doubt about it. I am strongly motivated by harm/care and by equality/fairness. AND as I have spent the last 6 years working intimately with men on personal growth issues and my own personal evolution – I have learned a significant amount about how my development can be enhanced and moved forward when I bring notions of loyalty/ingroup identity, purity/sanctity and authority/respect into my reflections and practices. I have learned to identify with a Tribe – to bond myself to a group and feel the support and strength of that group, something which it seems to me that many progressives never feel (witness the Democratic Party). I have learned the immense value and efficacy of vertical structures in getting things done in an organization – and the only significant difference is that our leaders are chosen, enrolled consciously and released from their roles within 72 hours – and the decisions about how they become leaders are made by a consensus. I have learned the value of self-discipline in what I eat, what I think, what I do with my body, how I move through the world – and I witness that many good, kind, smart, progressive men are rudderless in very basic ways when it comes to internal and emotional discipline.

The fundamental key to HOW I believe this needs to be integrated into a civil society in the 21st century is to maintain the fundamentals of the 5 aspects of morality and to reframe the SCOPE or PRIORITY of the system. I witness that it is possible to embrace BOTH sides of the moral foundation of human beings – and to maintain compassion and equanimity in our thoughts and actions on a global scale. The tribe is now a functional/operational unit rather than an US vs. THEM unit. The purity is used in deference to being able to maintain and deliver greater quantities of LOVE, service and openness. The Authority / Respect paradigm is used to learn more about my own capabilities in leadership and my own struggles and hang-ups in following a leader.

It is the classic light and shadow play – in order to be a complete being – both must be held, maintained, and respected.

“If you want the truth to stand clear before you, never be for or against. The struggle between “for” and “against” is the mind’s worst disease. – Sent-t’san 700 CE