I was at Gasoline Alley Foundation last Friday night with John Rooks (the SOAP Group) and Joe Sibilia at a talk about “Zombie Consumerism“. The conversation was fun to listen to and included a fantastic cultural analysis about how zombie movies are really a cultural marker for consumerism and the progression (and decline) of consumer driven economies. One small but fascinating tid-bit; the speed of progression in our radical consumer culture is directly proportional to the increasing speed and ferocity of zombies in the movies since the early ’70’s.

Anyway, that has nothing to do with this actual post. One of the things that John Rook talked about in passing was the BrightBuilt Barn project in Maine. This is a very cool and forward thinking experiment in advanced sustainable design and building using technologies that are all ready to go RIGHT NOW. This space is built so tight that it has no need for a furnace – IN MAINE, IN THE DEAD OF WINTER – the building is built with R-40 insulation in every aspect of the construction and the solar PV and solar hot water take care of everything.

Check it out.