This is called the ‘most important image ever taken by man’. It is also known as the ‘deep field’. It is an image taken of a BLANK section of the sky by the Hubble Deep Space Telescope. Based on the probabilities inherent in the equation that is the universe – there is virtually NO WAY we are alone in the universe. There are other planets with other living beings out in the universe. And it is also highly likely that there are intelligent life forms out there.

So in the design that is my life – I wonder if there is anything that I would want to let go of as a result of this knowledge, and anything that I would choose to dedicate myself to with this in mind. For me personally, the idea of fighting with other human beings over the belief or non-belief in a single divine being that created the heavens and the Earth just for our species, no longer seems very important. It also seems terrible for any individual or any group of individuals to be punished with poverty, sickness, hunger or oppression when the suffering and conflict that arises from that punishment hurts the entire race’s ability to expand.

I am inspired by this view of our human race to wonder what I can do to further humanity’s reach out into this next frontier. And key to that, for me, is insuring that humanity will actually survive long enough to escape the gravity of single sphere living. We are one small species in a nearly infinite universe, the odds would say that we are ultimately destined for extinction, because the vast majority of all living species go extinct. So what can I do to diversify and extend human-kind’s ability to thrive in more environments and adapt more quickly to change?

And it seems obvious to me, as it has to so many others, that the key is the mass of gray jello I am storing in my skull. So what am I willing to do to help make that bigger. What are you willing to do?