I love this concept and execution. In prehistory – we lived very close to the ground. Our shelter was whatever we could crawl into to keep us out of the elements and safe from predators. Today … the trend is returning to our roots. Smaller foot-prints, designs that use the earth’s natural heating and cooling, houses and structures that have less impact on the surrounding landscape. I am a big fan of eco-housing and underground construction. With today’s technology – or even the very old tech like straw-bale and plaster (with a little bit of high tech moisture sealing) we can create homes that are unique, eco-friendly, and built for long term sustainability using land which may not seem attractive for more traditional ‘stick’ home styles.

“In underground home designs, this unusual house plan is the collaboration between the Netherlands architects at SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects. This underground home, located in the Swiss village of Vals, is set amidst a cluster of mountain houses and if you don’t look carefully you might miss it! The most striking thing about this stone house is the majestic Alpine view through a wide, elliptical opening in the hillside, revealing spacious outdoor entertaining areas that lead to the home’s main entrance. Another entrance from a nearby barn leads residents and guests through an underground pathway, providing an alternate entryway into the home. The circular opening in the mountainside allows for lots of windows, which flood interiors with natural light while framing the stunning mountain views. SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects”