good design changes everything.

WHO: My name is Boysen Hodgson. I am a graphic designer, a web developer, a marketing resource, a builder of things, a husband, a city dweller, a business development consultant, a men’s work facilitator. I am an advocate for transformative design.

WHY: Because we forget. In our brilliance we envision the renewal and transformation of our systems and our institutions; we create beautiful frameworks for the evolution of our society and our planet, and yet we often forget that PEOPLE will manage and build those systems. We have incredible capacity for logical thought and development and we are at the same time bound to an evolutionary track that set emotional interaction as the foundation for human relationship. Humans are complex, conflicted, irrational, protective, blinded by emotion remembering machines. We are emotional computers.

Our emotions, like those of the other primates and developed mammals, are a unique evolutionary adaptation that made it possible for small tribes of wandering scavengers to bond into self replicating units. Through our emotional attachments we learn to protect one another, defend ourselves, identify with ‘us’ and dis-identify with ‘them’.

Many of us today are awakened to the reality that when you move out into space and see the Earth in the context of the hundreds of billions of galaxies that exist … we are all one. Our existence, our problems, our obstacles are essentially our mutual responsibility. The actions of one tribe or nation-state effect all the others in this small closed system. But the fact of our emotions remains. The fact of our fears, our anger, revenge, jealousy, hoarding, xenophobia, (and love, connection, empathy and compassion) ALL of our self-justified irrationality must be  added into ANY design for the evolution of our species.

We cannot simply turn off that which made us human. We must constantly go back to the design. How will humans work in this system? What systems need to be created in order to maintain the integrity of our institutional designs? What do we need to do to insure that our movements will not be destroyed by the emotional computers who created them?

WHAT: With this site I will draw attention to movements and change agents that I see operating in the culture that I believe have strong value and possibility.  I will look at these beautiful ideas for what they are … and then ask questions about the human factors that may be missing or unexplored in the design being offered.

Much is made these days of the ‘web’ of relationships between us all. I believe that adding in the emotional factors from the beginning is a way to help all of our efforts connect – and succeed. My intention is to add to the discussion. And I hope that in doing so I can help your thinking and mine about the realistic challenges that we will face as we evolve ourselves, our systems and our culture.

Love and Service – Boysen

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